I have been writing to support my wellbeing for as long as I have been able to write. From innocent stories typed on my Mums typewriter to grown up journalling I have always used writing things down as a way to process my emotions and work through any challenges I might be facing.

As a teenager I fear my many penfriends often got a deeper, more soul searching letter than they were anticipating as the confused ramblings of my adolescent brain spilled forth uncontrollably onto the paper. …

Happiness is undoubtedly the most important thing in the world.

I am sure many of you are familiar with one of my favourite quotes:

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light”

Albus Dumbledore

Before I go any further, I am going to confront the elephant in the room. I know that the author of Harry Potter is a contraversial figure for many people now, but I firmly believe that someone can create something truly magical and have questionable personal beliefs. Whether you feel that her comments over recent years are acceptable or not is irrelevant in this context. The fact is, this quote resonates with me and it always will.

Now that is out of the way…

Daily rituals have been a real game changer for me.

I’m not talking about complicated ceremonies, although if that brings you joy that’s great. I’m talking about having simple rituals that brings you pleasure, that help you to achieve your goals and most importantly that make you happy.

I have always had a morning routine. At some points in my life it has been as simple as: shower, dressed, empty the dishwasher, make the packed lunches, have breakfast and take the kids to school. …

Exams. Just the word is enough to put many adults into fear mode.

In the UK we have used fundamentally the same system of assessment in schools since public examinations were created in 1858, when two examinations were introduced to schools, the Junior (under 16yrs) and Senior (under 18yrs) exams. These exams were requested by schools in order to help them assess the students and Oxford and Cambridge Universities created them and they were sat in schools, village halls or church halls.

More than 150 years on and schooling has changed beyond recignition.

When these first exams were introduced education…

Mental Health Awareness Week is 10th -16th May 2021

This week you will see lots in the media about mental health. It will be all over your social media feeds and celebrities will bravely share their experiences in order to normalise mental health struggles. Powerful stuff!

I am in awe of anyone who is brave enough to share their mental health journey publicly because I know how difficult it is and the judgement that has come with that in the past. …

Mindful teachers.

I know what you are thinking. I don’t have time to be adding anything else into my daily routine.

Don’t worry, please read on because I am not going to add anything new into your routine, I promise.

What I am going to do is to give you ways of doing things you are already doing more mindfully.

You might be thinking, how is that going to make a difference. If I’m already doing all these things how is that going to change anything? Well, the difference is, how you do them. …

Anxiety is an issue for so many people.

I have wrestled with anxiety on and off my whole life.

It is like the quiet house guest who you forget is living in your house until they become really demanding and spoil your day. ​​Like many emotional states there are varying degrees of anxiety. For some people it is something which makes them feel sick and as though they don’t want to do something. Others though are completely crippled by its impact on their lives. Anxiety can make it impossible to leave the house, spend time with friends and even get a job. …

Women’s Circles are as ancient as time. There is documentary evidence of women coming together as long as 300,000 years ago. This is not a new phenomenon. It is something that has had a resurgence over recent years though particularly in the western world.

Why are these gatherings becoming more popular?

Well, my guess would be that the more detatched we become as a society, the more we crave true, meaningful interaction and connection. Women’s circles are a gentle, but also powerful, safe space for us to share and learn.

What was once created out of necessity, is once again finding its place in the world.

Historical context


Do you make excuses for not making changes in your life?

In reality I don’t know anyone who doesn’t make excuses sometimes.

I know I do.

My monkey mind gives me all the reasons I need to turn around and walk away from certian changes I need to make.

This week though something shifted and I have made some huge changes, that, I have to be honest, were long overdue.

The thing is, I’m usually pretty motivated. If I set my mind on achieving something, I invariably do, but a few things seemed to come together to defeat me this time and I know I am not alone.

What has been the issue?

Well, this time…

Screen time has been a contentious issue in many houses over the years, but has this changed in the last twelve months?

As lockdowns have necessitated home schooling to be conducted on Teams or Zoom, much of the work which has been sent home has had to be done and emailed back or completed on websites, and of course family gatherings and birthday parties have all had to happen online, we have all spent more time on screens than ever.

We have had many discussions about screen time outside of school hours in our house, and what used to be…

Kate Beddow

I am a wellbeing coach for women and the Calmer Classrooms Creator, I support women during transition and create relaxation & mindfulness resources for schools.

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