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  • Christine Arylo

    Christine Arylo

    Best-Selling Author, Feminine Leadership Advisor & Teacher, MBA, new ways of leading, living and succeeding. Host of Feminine Power Time podcast.

  • Amit Asthana

    Amit Asthana

  • Robert Dewey

    Robert Dewey

    I think I put down the wrong age! My correct age is 82.

  • Vivienne Joy

    Vivienne Joy

    Provocative Transformation Coach for start up or stuck business owners who need to get out of their own way to enjoy success... Speaker, NLP Trainer & Mentor.

  • Lorraine Davis

    Lorraine Davis

  • Prabhat Jain

    Prabhat Jain

  • Fiona Dilston

    Fiona Dilston

  • Alison Aaron-Stead

    Alison Aaron-Stead

    I love to write, creating Original Copy ‘words that get results’. Also a Spiritual Medium offering Private Readings & workshops; Celebrant & lover of Australia.

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